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Clients Served Active Clients 537
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Views on Ads Views on Ads 1,524,182,176
Outer Clicks Outer clicks 19,265,449
SMS Sent SMS sent 33,896,287


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  • ETS. F.A Kettaneh SA
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  • Carousel Design
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  • Clos St Thomas
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eCAMM is our bulk Email Marketing Service in Lebanon & the Middle East covering over 12 Arab Countries.



For our customers who seek greater privileges in Email Marketing we are ready with yet another powerful and effective marketing tool GrayFox.

Similar to eCAMMplus, this Email Marketing tool enables the users to manage their list, tracking, sharing and scheduling at a specific date and time and enables you to plan, create, upload and send your email campaigns to your various lists wherever you are and whenever you want.

To request a Demo Account to our GrayFox Mailing List Solution, fill in the Form below and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.

Note that purchased GrayFox credits expires after 6 months.


Web Based Interface
Web Based Interface allows you to use GrayFox anytime, anywhere with internet connection being the only requirement
Managing Contacts
Managing mailing contacts becomes very easy with GrayFox. You can easily create lists with custom fields, import and export contacts along with list segmentation.
Custom Email Templates
GrayFox enables you to design and send mails that meet your specific business requirements.
Integrates With Current Marketing Set Up
GrayFox is a simple tool and can be easily integrated with your current marketing setup
Creating Your Message
Using GrayFox you have the option to choose from a number of Premium Templates. You can even design one
Allows Scheduled Or Immediate Sending
Running your marketing campaign gets easier and sophisticated with automation. You need to choose date & time for sending emails and GrayFox will run automatically without referring back to us.
Assessing your marketing campaigns gets more professional with GrayFox. The tool allows comprehensive reporting and analytics for your contacts & campaigns.


Below are our Prices for Grayfox Email Marketing tool:

Package Price per Cr. Package Price
    25,000 Credits $ 0.005 $ 125
    50,000 Credits $ 0.004 $ 200
  100,000 Credits $ 0.0035 $ 350
  250,000 Credits $ 0.0024 $ 600
  500,000 Credits $ 0.002 $ 1,000
1,000,000 Credits $ 0.00175 $ 1,750
Standard Ad Design - 72 dpi $ 35

Prices are in USD and are subject to 11% VAT.

To request a Demo Account, fill in the form below and a representative will contact you shortly.

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