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SMS Sent SMS sent 37,577,283

GrayFox Mailing List Solution enables you to plan, create, upload and send your email campaigns to your various lists whenever you want.


  • depeche mode sarl
  • Barakat Travel
  • LBC International
  • Ghazi Travel
  • Lebanese Franchise Association
  • ArabNet
  • Festival Al Bustan
  • Riviera Hotel & Beach Lounge
  • Spin the Hen
  • Fly Away
  • Chateau Kefraya sal
  • Kunhadi
  • Carrefour
  • Hajj Art Stone
  • Fernand Hosri Group
  • IDC Group
  • Lebanese Music School
  • Berytech scal
  • Makhzoumi Foundation
  • CMCS
  • People At Night
  • Securatel
  • Beirut Spring Festival
  • Democratic Renewal Movement
  • Captain Cook
  • Five Stars Tours
  • Khabbaz Orient Plus Travel & Tourism s.a.r.l.



eCAMM is our Mass Mailing solution targeting various audiences in Lebanon & the Middle East region. It is fully designed and developed by Digital ITS with a fast tool to deliver your message to various audience and attract New Business opportunities. Your products and services are promoted and presented to a total of 1 million+ emails in Lebanon & the Arab World. Backed up with various lists, eCAMM offers you the capability to diversify your audience in the region.

In order to maintain a High end service, our Team conduct daily list maintenance and server support with daily updates to guarantee the utmost delivery rates. eCAMM is flexible in scheduling, accurate in tracking and more reachable in sharing with friends and customers.

All you need to do is just to Sign up for a New Account and use our user-friendly interface to schedule your campaign online in a simple and easy way.

For more answers on eCAMM, you can check our FAQ page.

Note that purchased eCAMM credits expires after 6 months.


Cost Effective Tool
Our bulk Email Marketing tool is one of the most cost efficient in the Online Marketing market.
Immediate Response Rate
Since this is a One to One service combined with our blazing fast delivery servers, your Email shots will get Immediate response from our users.
High Delivery Rate
Our daily List cleanup and maintenance with the implementation of the latest marketing softwares ensures the highest delivery rates you can encounter in this Business.
Mass Reach
Reach out to people from outside your Business and expand it beyond your boundaries.
24 Hours Delivery
With our High Standard servers and latest Technology implementation we can deliver you over 1+ Million Email within 24 Hours.

Targeted Countries

our eCAMM Service currently covers the MENA region. Check below the supported Countries, the Emails each List containts and their Credits consumption:

Country Number of Emails Credit Consumption
Bahrain 44,000 3 Cr.
Cyprus 145,000 3 Cr.
Egypt 45,000 3 Cr.
Jordan 42,000 3 Cr.
Kuwait 225,000 3 Cr.
Lebanon 150,000 1 Cr.
Lebanon Expats 510,000 6 Cr.
Middle East * 167,000 1 Cr.
Oman 36,000 3 Cr.
Qatar 47,000 3 Cr.
Saudi Arabia 76,000 3 Cr.
Syria 35,000 3 Cr.
Turkey 60,000 3 Cr.
UAE ** 435,000 6 Cr.

* MIDDLE EAST INCLUDES:  UAE, KSA, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Palestine and Iran

** UAE INCLUDES: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah, UAE Free Zone & Dubai Industrial Zone


We offer different packages based on Credits system to meet our customer's needs and budget. Each Email shot sent to a specific Country List will consume a specific amount of Credits.

Below are the Prices offered for our eCAMM Service:

Package Price per Cr. Package Price
    1 Credit $ 100 $ 100
    3 Credits $ 60 $ 180
    6 Credits $ 55 $ 330
  12 Credits $ 47.5 $ 570
  24 Credits $ 45 $ 1,080
  48 Credits $ 40 $ 1,920
100 Credits $ 35 $ 3,500
200 Credits $ 30 $ 6,000
Standard Ad Design - 72 dpi $ 35

Prices are in USD and are subject to 11% VAT.

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