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GrayFox Mailing List Solution enables you to plan, create, upload and send your email campaigns to your various lists whenever you want.

eCAMM is our bulk Email Marketing Service in Lebanon & the Middle East covering over 12 Arab Countries.

App Development

Developing an application is not only about designing user interfaces and implementing the same ideas in coding. There is much more than just this programming task. The process of App Development is equally demanding on administrative front. Various tasks need to be carried out in a logical order and for that highly skilled team is the prerequisite. We are proud to have a team of experienced programmers and app developers that are masters in their jobs.

Waterfall model

We adapt the Waterfall model in all our Software development to acheive great result in the following phase order

Marker Requirements Specification & Analysis
Marker Software design
Marker Implementation and Integration
Marker Testing
Marker Deployment
Marker Maintenance

We have developed several iOS, Android, blackberry and Windows phone apps. We adopt professional approach where each and every step in the process of App Development is handled by the experts. We begin with preparing a development team that liaisons with you to get the exact details of the app?s design and services you plan to use in it. This is followed by the key task of designing the user interfaces and functionality, coding and testing the application.  In this whole process of programming, we take care that the data assets created are localized which has a direct influence on the usability and popularity of your application.

Customer satisfaction is paramount for us and that is reflected in our flexible approach. We are always ready to polish and refine our client's apps when needed.

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